Welcome to Canine NOSE

Canine NOSE was born as a result of a growing desire, or maybe even a need, to take Canine Scentwork to a next level within the Netherlands. This growing desire for professionalization, was also apparant in some parts of the professional detection and tracking dogs business in this period of time. Two occurences put 'the wheels in motion' for change in our Canine Scent Detection business:

  •  Consulting and training with the Scandanavian Working Dog Institute (SWDI) and participating in their 1 year Scent Detection Course with both Sport and Professional Detection Dog handlers. We are grateful for their science-based approach to scent detection  and their willingness to share! We are honored to be working with and learning from SWDI!



  •  By connecting Sport Detection Dog Handlers with Professional Detection Dog handlers in our International K9 Detection Challenge in March 2019, most participants experienced an immediate wealth in knowledge on both sides. This was truly inspiring!  

 Fact is, we would like to:

  • Take our K9 Scentwork, whether it be sport or profession, to the highest level possible also by involving trainers with exemplary knowledge and expertise. 
  • Make sure both dog and handler stay challenged, all be it on their own level
  • Give dog teams (Sport and Professional) the possibility to be assessed in an honest manner, where goals, standards and rules are clear-cut and have a fundamental integrity
  • Be able to consider the handler and their dog as a team and not only look at results but also look at the processes that lead up to the results
  • Give feedback to handlers that is both founded on science based methods and takes practical experience into account 
  • Bring different methods together to learn from each other
  • Unite alike-minded Detection-, Trailing- and Tracking schools that would like to serve the same purpose as we do and would like to tune their quality standards and their attitude to our common Code of Ethics